What to Expect at NECIC Staffing

What to Expect at NECIC Staffing


NECIC Staffing’s staffing specialists, Matthew Ayers, Tionna Perdue, and Lead Staffing Specialist Tobey Roberts, are serious about finding jobs for applicants. 

The process is a simple one: come in and fill out an application. Bring your resume, if you have one, and two forms of identification. Your staffing specialist will review your application, talk to you about your experience, availability, and preferred shift. After that, it’s a matter of finding the right place for you.

Once you’ve accepted an assignment, you’ll come in for an orientation and paperwork. Tionna explains a bit about how this works:

“We welcome them to the NECIC Staffing family and let them know one of our major goals is to get them full-time employment. But we also let them know that it’s really up to them, we can only give them what they give us,” explained Tionna.

Associates must take a drug test. The test is instant, so if the person fails, the orientation doesn’t continue, and the applicant is encouraged to come back when they can pass.

Once the drug test is complete, the orientation continues. “We’ll go over the handbook and client policy, and what the employer expects of you while you are there,” Tionna said.

An associate sits with Tionna after passing his drug screening. She explains the shift, the location of the employer, and the pay process.  Associates pick up their checks at NECIC Staffing, so Tionna pointed out that sometimes a designated person must pick up the check, as shift hours and NECIC Staffing hours don’t always allow time for the associate to make it in on payday. A form is then filled out with the name of the approved pickup person, and reminder that the person will need identification.

Tionna then reviews the handbook, and the applicant signs a form stating that she did so. She explains the process of reporting accidents before the applicant signs the workers comp form, “After you tell them, you need to tell us. If you go to the hospital, make sure you explain you work for NECIC Staffing, not the company you are assigned to,” she explains to the associate.

The attendance policy, she notes, is important. She reviews the call-off process but she explains, “We need you to remember to only take allotted break times, don’t leave early, don’t come late. We do understand that life happens, but remember you are within your 90 days. Our goal is to get you hired in full-time, but your attendance is an important factor in that process.”

Policy, procedures, and guidelines are explained, and signed.

Tionna even explains where to park and enter the building. The shift hours, the arrival time that should be 15 minutes beforehand, lunch, required footwear, and dress code. Any additional safety material will be supplied by the employer, she tells the associate.

She covers the pay per hour, and how that works for the particular employer.

“This employer may hire you in as early as 60 days. They are going to be looking at you immediately. Performance is very important. If you don’t know how to do it, make sure you ask questions,” she tells the applicant.

Another orientation will follow at the employer, where safety procedures and the work will be explained.

After the paperwork is done, Matt takes the associate to watch some videos and take a personality test.  The videos cover safety, OSHA, and production quality, but are not specific to an employer. Specific safety procedures and production protocol will be covered at the new employer.

A short time later, the associate is on their way, ready to start a new job bright and early the next morning.

Are you ready to work? Give us a call at 419-522-1611, or stop in at 31 East Fourth Street, Mansfield, Monday - Friday from 8:30 -11 a.m. or 1 - 3 p.m. We can't wait to work with you!  



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