Associate Resources

  Some of our associates track their time using the NECIC Staffing online time clock.  To access this secure portal and log your time, click below.  Our work week is Monday to Sunday. To ensure an accurate paycheck, be sure you log your working hours daily.  We process the prior week's payroll on Mondays at noon.


**If you need your user name or password for this online system--contact a Staffing Specialist at

419-522-1611 or 


Did you know that NECIC Staffing can help with more than jobs?
We are here to help you succeed!

Education, training, and certificate opportunities
Drug and alcohol treatment
Health issues and/or chronic disease management
Housing, utilities, and transportation
Prenatal care and related issues
Access to insurance and Medicaid


  • You need to work a minimum of 15 - 30 days (depending on job assignment). 
  • Must have perfect attendance which includes not coming to work late.
  • Must have a good attitude.
  • Great Work performance.

Friday is Payday!

Your direct deposit (into your bank account or Wisely Card) will be made Friday morning. You can access paystubs online at our online portal. 

If you haven't registered for this access, click here to request access (you must provide an email).

More information about the Wisely Card can be found here.


Workplace Injury?
Report injury to supervisor immediately.
Call NECIC Staffing. (419-522-1611)
Suggested Care Providers:

Mansfield area:  Ohio Health WorkHealth located on 4th Street, Details HERE .
After hours/weekends and holidays--visit Urgent Care or ER. 


Ashland area:  

Samaritan Hospital Occupational Health Services on Mifflin Ave.  Details HERE

After hours/weekends and holidays--visit Urgent Care or ER. 

List NECIC/NECIC Staffing as employer; do not list workplace assignment as the employer. 

Feeling sick? Here's how to call off:

  • Call:  419-522-1611, Ext 300
  • Leave your Name
  • Your Jobsite (business name)
  • Your Shift
  • Reason for Calling Off
  • When you are returning to work
  • Missed work and need to send us your doctor's excuse, click here.




It is our belief that you can meet the attendance standards of your position, and that you will be able to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of attendance. If there is any assistance, NECIC Staffing may provide please contact us. NECIC Staffing will do, within reason whatever we can to help you be successful, but whether you meet that goal is entirely in your hands.