A Day at NECIC Staffing

A Day at NECIC Staffing


It’s a cloudy morning as the team of staffing specialists, Tionna Perdue, Matthew Ayers, and Lead Staffing Specialist Tobey Roberts, roll into the NECIC Staffing office at 8 a.m. They’ve already been busy, checking call-off messages from home beginning at 5:30 a.m. Everyone immediately sets to work, double-checking with absentee associates that they had let their employer know they wouldn’t be in today.

As things settle down, the team asks after each other’s families and health. “How’s your mom?” they all ask one employee, whose mother had surgery the day before. It’s a close-knit group, and they look after each other, offering assistance and support, both personally and professionally.

This caring outlook applies to the clients of NECIC Staffing, as well. Tionna calls to check on some of the people who called off, making sure they are doing okay. The NECIC Staffing staff knows each of the associates by name, and worry when they hear someone is ill or injured.

“We basically work with people from application to hire-in, so we get to know them pretty well,” said Tionna. They work as a team, with Tionna sometimes doing an interview and Matthew taking over the orientation process.

The team even takes turns covering call-offs and arrival checks. Arrival checks involve contacting the company and making sure all of the new employees arrived.

Sometimes, people express their appreciation for the personal care.

“Last week we had a couple of calls from people, thanking us for helping them find their job,” said Matthew.

“That was wonderful,” said Tobey, “We do really care about the people who come in here.”

The day picks up as the phone calls begin to come in and applicants arrive. Some just have follow-up questions, some are here for orientation, but most want to apply and interview for available positions.

One gentleman explains his work history as he fills out the application, but the staffing specialists offer no judgement. “It varies, what employers will accept, and we are happy to find everyone a job when possible,” said Tobey.

People come to NECIC Staffing for their first job, or as a way to change gears and find something new, but most are simply seeking employment due to being unemployed for a variety of reasons.  The staffing specialists have a trained eye, and immediately place some of the applicants, knowing what will be a good match for their experience.

Applicants must be 18, as many jobs are light industrial or factory positions. Clerical positions are sometimes available. Skilled manufacturing, such as MIG or TIG welding, or maintenance positions, are available. “It really just depends on what the employers need right away,” explained Tobey.

During the day’s lulls, staffing specialists catch up on paperwork, or call applicants that applied online to come in for interviews, or offer follow-up for people that are waiting for positions.

“We keep in touch, if we didn’t have something when they came in. We keep their files handy and let them know as soon as something comes in,” said Tionna.

Finding the right job for each applicant is very important at NECIC Staffing. The staffing specialists take into consideration an applicant’s skills, availability, and preferred shift. If you’d like to find out what’s available that fits your needs, give NECIC Staffing a call at 419-522-1611, or stop in from 8:30 – 11 a.m. or 1 – 3 p.m. at 31 East Fourth Street, Mansfield.

Up next: What to expect in the hiring process.


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