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  • Save money
  • Increase employee retention
  • Increase productivity
  • Training opportunities
  • See a return on your investment

What is the Associate Support Network? 

An excellent opportunity to increase the stability of your workforce!

Employee turnover can be detrimental to a company's bottom line, costing an organization $3,500 to $5,000 per termination. Increasing the stability of the workforce is, therefore, a crucial issue to businesses in the community.

NECIC Staffing is an Alternative Staffing Agency. To live up to this name, our Associate Support Network offers supportive services to your NECIC Staffing associates, with the goal of improving retention, productivity, and the stability of your workforce. Not only that, but the Associate Support Network will provide a significant return on your investment.

How does it work?

Your participation provides the following valuable benefits:

  1. Providing direct access to a Community Health Worker for all NECIC Staffing associates. 
    Our Certified Community Health Worker  works with associates to provide access to resources that will support them in becoming successful, productive employees, including access to transportation, childcare, work-appropriate clothing, training, education, and much, much more. For the future, we'd like to have Community Health Workers on-site at businesses in order to have direct access to managers and HR personnel. This way, we can flag potential issues with NECIC Staffing associates
    before these problems reach a point of no-return and lead to termination.

  2. Transportation.
    A top priority for us is to provide transportation to associates to and from the workplace. We anticipate being able to do this by 01/01/19. We have piloted a small-scale transportation program at one of our locations during the late summer/fall of 2018 and hope to expand this as of the first of the year.

  3. Education/Training.
    Our goal is to offer education and training to all our NECIC Staffing associates. We are partnering with North Central State College to provide customer service training, as well as preparing to launch the
    Bring Your A Game and Getting Ahead classes, financial literacy classes  and, additionally, Getting Ahead classes specifically for those coming out of prison and re-entering the workforce.


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