NECIC Staffingr: The Real Difference

NECIC Staffingr: The Real Difference

In this article, we address common questions about NECIC Staffing. Please note that we speak only for NECIC Staffing and cannot address any issues you may have with other staffing agencies.

Temp agencies, as a whole, have a poor reputation. Some feel they take advantage of their employees, making money off the backs of the workers, cycling temps through the system like a disposable commodity. It’s something we are aware of, as a barrier to prosperity, and is even addressed in the North End Community Economic Development Plan.

Why launch a temp agency if they have a bad reputation?

We launched NECIC Staffing in 2016 in an effort to break the temp cycle, striving to see workers placed in full-time, permanent positions. We are here to support local workers, offering training and assistance.

What kind of assistance?

We offer work-readiness training with our Elevate classes, held for two weeks each month. These classes offer “soft skills” that employers find valuable: attendance, appearance, attitude, ambition, acceptance, accountability, and appreciation. We help with interview skills, time management, and more. And, since your time is valuable, we offer a $300 stipend to those that attend all of the classes.

 Financial education classes are slated for the beginning of 2018. In these classes, you can learn to manage your money, set up a budget, the safe way to borrow, and even how to go about buying a home.

 We’re currently seeking volunteers to work with our associates to practice interview skills, help with resumes, and even offer transportation assistance. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as a lack of identification keeping people out of the job market. We can help with so many things – all you have to do is call!

 Why do employers use temp agencies?

 A shift in the economy happened along with de-industrialization, and many employers cut costs by downsizing or eliminating their Human Resource departments. Staffing agencies filled the gap left by downsizing, and have since become a common tool for employers.

Employers use staffing agencies as a “try-to-hire” tool. Think of the temp period as an extended job interview – employers can see your work method, your skills, and your willingness to learn. 

Why should I register with NECIC Staffing?

 If you are young with no work history, or you’ve been out of the workforce for a while, maybe raising a family, or even incarcerated, we can help you build out your resume, and even find the full-time position you need.

 Have you been job hunting, with no luck? Then register with us, and let us put you on the path to success. Maybe you need resume or interview help, or maybe that job is right there, waiting for you.

 How do I know I’ll be hired full time?

Once you are placed with an employer, that ball is in your court. Show up, and be on time, every day. Do your best, and have a good attitude. Many times, associates are hired in as early as 60 days.

There are occasions where an employer is just seeking some extra holiday help. We’re always up front about that, and let you know this position is temporary and the employer has no intention of hiring full time. Don’t worry, we will find you another assignment once that one is finished, or something different if you aren’t interested in seasonal work.

 Do temps start at a lower rate?

 When we contract with employers, we ask that our associates are paid a fair wage, and no less than any other brand-new employee. Most employers increase wages the longer you are with them.

 What does NECIC Staffing do with their profits?

 As a social enterprise, we are a business that was founded to support the work of a nonprofit, therefore, our profits are reinvested into the community through their programs. NECIC Staffing is a social enterprise of North End Community Improvement Collaborative (NECIC), a nonprofit whose mission is to improve the quality of life and economic landscape of Mansfield’s north end.

 In the end, are you really making a difference?

 Since we were founded in 2016, we have placed over 200 associates in full-time, permanent positions. As we grow, we hope to develop new ways to assist jobseekers in overcoming barriers to employment, provide ongoing training, and continue to support local workers.




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