NECIC Staffing: We are an Alternative Staffing Organization

NECIC Staffing: We are an Alternative Staffing Organization


NECIC Staffing is a proud member of the Alternative Staffing Alliance. Read more to see how we differ from the average staffing agency.

High turnover among entry-level employees is a chronic and costly problem for many businesses. Where can you find motivated, reliable workers?

Enter Alternative Staffing Organizations...
We are expert job brokers that deliver qualified, enthusiastic workers on a temporary, temp-to-hire and direct-hire basis. What is our advantage over conventional staffing firms? Alternative Staffing Organizations (ASOs) combine the business model of a staffing firm with the social mission of a workforce development agency. The result is well-screened, professionally matched employees who receive the pre- and post-placement supports they need to excel on-the-job.

Experience the Alternative Staffing Advantage
Nationwide, ASOs are meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations by delivering top quality service to employers and jobseekers. In a recent national study, employers cited four main reasons they prefer alternative staffing service suppliers to conventional, for-profit staffing agencies:

  1. Better understanding of customer business needs
    Customers report that ASOs have a deeper knowledge and understanding of their business priorities than their conventional counterparts. ASOs take the time to really learn the customer’s work setting and job requirements.

“They understand our environment, [we are] not just going to a placement agency.”

“[Our ASO rep] knows and cares about our business.”

  1. Higher quality screening and matching
    Businesses note that ASOs effectively match candidates to job openings, reducing turnover and increasing productivity. They report the quality of screening is usually higher than that done by conventional staffing agencies.

“[Our ASO] screens people better, I don’t just get a warm body.”

“Other agencies let things turn over more. [Our ASO] knows the people they are trying to place.”

  1. Greater staff responsiveness
    ASOs work closely with customer supervisors to manage workers, handle problematic issues and perform troubleshooting.

“They work very hard to fill the orders and they are compassionate.”

“If we say we’re having a problem, [they] accept that there is a problem.”

“We appreciate their willingness to go beyond the general call of duty to get things done.”

  1. Worker supports that enhance performance and reliability
    The ASO difference lies in the supervision and support that come with ASO services. ASO workers receive supports – case management, child care, transportation, coaching – to keep them working. As one customer puts it, “the support services help me get my work done.”

 Source: The Alternative Staffing Alliance: Brokering Up: The Role of Temporary Staffing in Overcoming Labor Market Barriers, Center for Social Policy at University of Massachusetts Boston, 2009

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