Email and Voicemail: Keep it professional

Email and Voicemail: Keep it professional

Your email address – you set it up, thinking of something fitting to your personality, maybe even to your sense of humor, like TheAmazingSkunkboy@thisismyemail or ImaBadDad@someemailserver. But is this what you want an employer to see when you submit an application or resume?

A few tips for email:

  • It’s ok to have separate personal and professional accounts, so go ahead and set up that second account.
  • Keep it professional. Use your name, or, if that’s taken, go with the recommended variation. Your name followed by zip code is also an option.
  • Avoid any references to drugs or other illegal activity in your email address.

What about your voicemail? If someone follows up your application with a phone call, are they greeted with obscene noises or inappropriate comments?

The same rules apply with voicemail as email, the main one being to keep it professional. You want to make a good impression, even when you aren’t face-to-face. 

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