A step-by-step guide to finding us!

A step-by-step guide to finding us!

We've moved, and we're loving our new location! It's a beautiful building, with much more space, allowing us to serve you better! 
A few people have asked for step-by-step directions, so here's an easy guide to parking, finding us, and applying!

Step 1:  Free parking is available in the brickyard, accessible from Diamond St. and Main St.
You'll find easy access to our office if you park near the bottom of the brickyard, near the stage and the Phoenix Brewery.

Step 2:  From the brickyard, you'll see the back of our building, with the NECIC Staffing banner.
New signage is coming soon, but for now, follow the signs for the Urban Center.

Step 3:  You'll see a walkway between our building and Haring Realty. Take that walkway to Main St. 

Step 4:  Turn to your right, and you'll see our new building. Pretty, isn't it?

You'll know you are in the right place by the banner in the window, and the number over the door. 

Come on in and talk to one of our friendly Staffing Specialists, like Matt Ayer (pictured below)!

Bring 2 forms of identification, and your resume if you have one.
Easy as pie! We can't wait to put you on the road to success!

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