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Stop messing around with all of the tedious details and hiring unknowns. NECIC Staffing trains and prepares highly qualified workers to work in your business. We help workers overcome both personal and professional barriers like skill training, footwear, IDs, financial issues, transportation, and more so they can get to work for you.

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Working with NECIC Staffing

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We will learn about your company’s culture, industry, and hiring requirements to make sure we understand your business. We want to recruit the right people, right away.

Promote Jobs

Once we’re in a relationship with you, we’ll start spreading the word on your behalf. Open positions are posted within our database of job seekers and promoted via social media, text, email, and online.

Hands-Off Hiring

Cut down all the time and stress of wading through applicants. An NECIC staffing specialist collects your applicants and brings them to you at the stage you want to step in for evaluation

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